Ongoing Initiatives

Discover a comprehensive list of all our ongoing initiatives at iHIT. Dive further into each topic below!

Promoting Health Equity: Ensuring Fair
and Just Health for All

At inclusive Health Innovation Together, our unwavering commitment lies in advancing health equity to cultivate a world where every individual has the opportunity to achieve their utmost level of well-being. Central to our philosophy is the integration of the communities we serve into our processes. We are dedicated to crafting solutions that directly address the unique health needs of these communities, and our approaches are firmly grounded in design research that establishes a direct connection with those we serve.
Our mission is to develop innovative approaches that effectively tackle complex healthcare challenges. To achieve this, our team of researchers and designers is steadfast in capturing the authentic voices of the communities we serve. We apply practical design methodologies to foster meaningful partnerships, recognizing the invaluable insights that arise from collaboration. As connectors, we bridge new pathways to address health challenges and ensure that our solutions are not only effective but also inclusive and responsive to the diverse needs of the communities we engage with.

Discover Our Initiatives

Explore the diverse initiatives at iHIT, reflecting our commitment to health equity through a holistic approach. We address critical social determinants of health (SDOH) and recognize their profound impact on health outcomes. Additionally, our dedication to cultural competence emphasizes the importance of understanding diverse backgrounds and experiences, acknowledging their influence on health- seeking behaviors. Through these initiatives, we aim to create an inclusive and equitable healthcare environment that caters to the unique needs of all individuals and communities. Join us in shaping a comprehensive and responsive approach to health for everyone.

Fellowship @ VEEC

Dedicated towards educating the next generation on vaccines and its importance in society.

Youth Ambassador

Preparing the next generation on vaccines and their importance so that they can go out and spread their newfound knowledge!

Vaccine Equity
Education Coalition

Vaccine Equity Education Coalition (VEEC) is dedicated towards building Vaccine Confidence in Black and Brown communities.

Summer Externship

Focusing in on zip code area assessment. Engage in the creation of art-ivism infographics to influence and empower the communities under study.

Vaccine Heroes
Education Program

Currently in our planning phase. Seeking out to create comic books with young students to teach them about the importance of vaccines.

Community Research

iHIT is dedicated towards community research. We are always conducting studies on how to improve the healthcare space.